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Yes it IS now accepted. FOr more info see

In short.. it mean more fun... you can also use funnest
Football is funner than baseball
by D-Generate January 09, 2004
268 290
The dumb person's way of saying 'more fun'
Huntin dem ducks is funner den fuckin em!!
by Redneck Laura September 01, 2005
1049 588
A word that wasn't official until Shay Carl said so. An easier (and cooler) way of saying "more fun".
Today was funner than yesterday
by BoomBoxBoy March 23, 2010
414 289
gooder than just fun.
Leave it open, it's funner that way.
by dragonking117 February 07, 2011
134 81
Something that is more fun than something else. Comes from The word fun, but it's for lazy people who don't want to say more fun.
Wow, painting is much funner than drawing.
by Em August 16, 2004
350 331
It's a word, get over it.
Sex is funner than sleep.
by Funnerman. March 30, 2011
57 46
Adj. non-standard comparative form of "more fun". Meaning that a given something (noun) provides more mirth or more entertainment than something else.
This art museum is funner than the last three we went to.
by moosecabob October 12, 2009
57 47
More fun.

Sounds better than "More Fun"

And Shay Carl said "funner" so it must be correct
World of Warcraft is Funner than Rift
by Xulq April 16, 2011
17 11