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The Fusion of Funk and Grunge, the counterpoint to Grunk. Also the name of a band Funge..

Also a multipurpose word: can replace the common F-type expressions.
1 (as exhaultation):

Funge me!
That is sweet!/crazy!/nasty!/filthy!/cool!

2 (as adverb):

What a boring day... Think I'll just go and get Funged up!

3 (dual meaning in a sentence):
We were there, knee deep in funging Funge.
by 6ixy November 15, 2010
fun sponge; a person who has the ability to suck the life and fun out of any desirable activity or topic.
God, please don't envite Peggy out tonight, she's such a funge.
by maroon24 November 29, 2010
The fusion of the words 'fungus' and 'sponge'. Can be used to describe a large chunk of mould, or a diseased vagina. No other real meaning, but can be used in a group for general amusement.
"Oh my god! That's a disgusting funge!"

"Funge" (Used when sitting alone or in a large group for all-round amusement and laughter).
by Matt + Sned August 07, 2005
A cross between grunge and funk music
Listen to Kingskin,
by James Moss May 31, 2004
When a man wears pants tight enough to see the outline of his cock and balls.
We could see the funge of the man playing guitar at the irish pub.
by Buppy R. August 10, 2007
Funge is the vaginal discharge you find on your underwear.Funge is what you would find in your panties and is either white or yellow in colour and smells revolting.

The word 'funge' originated in Melbourne, Australia in a conversation between Sarah and Sarah.

-Can also be used as an insult
1. "Doctor, I seem to have a lot of funge on my underwear. Can you prescribe me some treatment?"
2. "You stupid hessian fungebag!"
3. "Fuck you, you funge smelling trout"
4. "Close your legs, it smells funge-tastic in here"
by is0lati0n April 27, 2005
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