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A fun sucker, downer, negitive nacy party pooper or a downright joy killington.
Person 1: Man, lets go on a killer adventure!
Person 2: (AKA Fun sponge) Naw, im kinda tired. Plus adventures are for losers.
by Simple Jack and a sack March 24, 2009
1 6
A sponge that allows for fun.
Random man: I don't want to wear a rubber.

Paula Abdul: Don't worry, I'm using a fun sponge.
by niceguykenyon March 04, 2009
12 18
Somebody who soaks the fun out of everything.
Damn, Jeff is such a fun sponge. Hw won't even let me fuck his sister.

At first I thought you were cool but you ended up being a fun sponge.
by Sedia Bonsu November 17, 2007
12 18
a person who is not cool and does not like to have fun
Nick is not a fun sponge even tho people think he is a duche, he is the coolest person around.
by Not Nick October 03, 2006
7 21