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1. Derived from the Latin surname Fulvius, "light blonde, strawberry blonde, pale red," referring to hair color,

2. Bright eyed man. Trustworthy. Smart, Brave, yet playful. Someone who will always make you smile. Fulvios have an exquisite imagination, combined with some great IQ.

3. Someone with epic sex skills. Really hot at many different levels,

4. A cow-man, someone who is infinitely loved.
oh you´re such a fulvio!
by cowcowlau February 07, 2010
Italian name derived from the Latin Fulvius, which also derives of the nickname Fulvus, that means the one with reddish hair. The name is not very common and can be found in Italy as well as countries settled by Italians.
Fulvio Melia (born 2 August 1956) is an Italian-American astrophysicist and author

Fulvio Rossi is a Chilean physician and politician.
by FuLv10.- February 06, 2010
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