(adj) Fire weed.

Fuego = Fire in Spanish.
Yo, I got that fuego bud.
by ac May 29, 2007
Top Definition
A random phrase, originated in the webcomic Real Life Comics. Spanish for fire, it has no real significance other than it sounds good when yelled out loud.
by Brendan Jones March 02, 2004
It Means Fire In Spanish. It Can Also Mean Gunshot If Used In Proper Sentence Like In Example. It Is Also A Song By Pitbull.
Ten Cuidado Con El Fuego
by latino March 26, 2007
"Fire" in Spanish, also used to mean "cool" or "awesome" on the Upper East Coast.
"Yo, I punched some kid in the face for saying 'yolo' the other day, bro."
"Word? That's fuego, bro. Fuck YOLO."
by rollio88 June 27, 2012
A word that originated from popular cult sitcom "Malcolm in the middle". Used to describe somebody who is attractive. Word originates from spain meaning "fire". Can be used in many different contexts. You can also put a prefix "in" infront of the word to emphasize.
"Did you see that chick yesterday? She was FUEGO"
"Yeaaaah dude, waaay infuego!"
by attia August 13, 2006
To write English so badly that it seems as if the person has learning disabilities. Usually occurs when foreigners try to chat up potential mates for a quick fornication.
Oh my god that is such a fuego. He totally fuegoed it. That sentence is a fuego.
by hashisheeb May 20, 2015
Fuego means different things to different people. To some, Fuego is the glorious passion within. To other's, it's kinky sexy in the back seat of a Ferrari. One thing is for certain, it's always dirty and never used in a respectful way.
"I can see your fuego."
"Stop looking at my fuego, pervert!"
"I think she just had a fuego in the corner."
"This plan is making me fuego."
"I'm going to fuego all over your fuego as you fuego my fuego while strapped in a fuego on the roof with a donkey...fuego"

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