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Very cute girl that likes tequila. You can say that's a really frida when you see a hot girl
"If she can drink tequila, she's a real frida!"
by Tilallll January 26, 2009
A girl, who has no idea how beautiful she is. She's been through more shit than she deserves. An amazing, loyal person. Not many people like her, because of how she appears(stuck up, bitchy) Yet the few people she lets in completely adore her. She doesn't trust easily and people mistake her kindness for flirting. Has a beautiful mind, once you understand it. There is nothing, and there never will be, someone like Frida.
"Isn't she breathtaking?"
"Yeah... It's Frida isn't it?"
by Cali2727 March 03, 2013
1) A beatiful girl that deserves more than the shit has been thrown her way.

2) A girl that drink tequila all night long and likes little mexican midgets.
1) Wow, Frida is a wonderful girl. I long for her.

2) Guy 1: Look at that girl!
Guy 2: Yeah, she's definitely a Frida.
by Ricky Booby654 March 24, 2009
an adorable girl, who likes parties, drinkin' & quite enjoys drugs. a girl who deserves alot more than the shit shes been through. she may talk to lots of guys becuase she is a bubbly person but only loves one guy. she usally has a nice body but a beautiful heart thats just waiting to be loved. a EXTREAMLY FUN PERSON, thats is down for anything. she dosent trust alot, so you'll have to gain her trust.
girl- look its frida.
by rey100 July 01, 2011
A woman who has a moustache.
When Hank's wife let her moustache grow out, he called her a Frida, and proceeded to grow a moustache himself, not to be outdone.
by barrelsahead July 21, 2011
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