A sexually based relationship.
Are they together?

Yeah, but I think it's just fucktual, he doesn't even know her name.
by worshipthalia September 06, 2010
Top Definition
Something that includes an obscene amount of fuckery.
That Cannibal Corpse song is fucktual. Its full of so much fuckery, you cant even handle it. Its like fucked up porn with more fuckity fucked up fuckness.
by Fuck Punctuality November 06, 2011
the mutual act of fucking one another over; mutual fuckery
"yeah, i fucked him over -- but only after he fucked me over; it was fucktual"
by emutongues April 22, 2009
A being whose sole purpose is to be a sexual being in which someone can have intercourse. Primarily women referring to men.
Girl: He is nothing more than a fucktual being to me.
by TinyT_1994 March 25, 2014

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