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Also known as SP2.

A software update for the Microsoft Windows XP operating system.

A pitiful attempt by Microsoft to control the amount of circulating threats to their systems with basic, buggy applications. Utilizing their Windows Update service, the software is automatically downloaded and installed - an attempt to control the security market.

It contains basic software add-ons for their applications. These add-ons are very annoying, especially for the experienced computer users who already have better applications, but that are not recognized as proper programs as they are not authorized or owned by Microsoft.

Computers users with little experience are given a false sense of well being, and generally are taken advantage of.

SP2 contains a number of generally useless add-ons for their applications which although seem as if they will do your computer good, will affect perfectly working third party updates - such as registry updates or drivers. Once installed, SP2 will overwrite these, thus creating previously prevented problems.

SP2's threat preventing applications work alongside or conflict with similar yet more effective programs and continuously persist in annoying the user. For example, an effective popup blocker will show a message after successfully blocking a popup. However, SP2's popup blocker will either miss the popup, or appear over the third party popup blockers window, creating an annoyance for the user who has to close two windows. SP2's 'butting in' over other applications is probably fueled by Microsoft's desire to beat or own the competition - in this case, refusing to detect a more effective popular third party popup blocking application due to the fact that it is not owned or related to Microsoft.
In some cases, the user is forced to discard one of these applications, sometimes with SP2 Popup blocker prevailing.

Most components of SP2 are basically simple, yet annoying warnings regarding the download of suspicious files. If you hadn't ordered to download a program, what would make you download a program appearing from no-where?

Overall, SP2 is a trouble causing update that should be avoided if you already have applications that do the job that SP2 says it will. Rather that downloading a 70MB file, consult experienced computers for a better and smaller sized alternative.
1. I have installed Service Pack 2 and have been having all my old computer problems since.

2. It takes more than 20 minutes for SP2 to repair a wireless network connection, rather than a few seconds without it.

3. It took me 2 days to download Service Pack 2 on my Dial-up connection.

4. Service Pack 2 - All your previous computer problems in a 70MB file.
by Sushi December 30, 2004
a sexually active male individual, often a college undergraduate, who prides himself in persuading young, innocent, and gullible teenage girls into engaging in intercourse with the intention of stripping them of their virginity; the criminal act of statutory rape is often committing during this activity.
The perverted, yet wise engineering student is an avid virgin breaker who frequents high school social events in search of yet untapped, attractive female action.
by Sushi March 08, 2005
Just a different way of saying "they". Means exactly the same thing as "they"
Oh I Think Dey Like Me!
by Sushi March 06, 2005
a normally sexually active male, often a college student, who lures gullible and innocent teenage females into the act of physical intercourse with the intention of stealing their virginity; during this activity the crime of statutory rape is commonly committed.
The engineering student is an avid virgin breaker who attends high school social events on a regular basis attempting to locate targets to support his title.
by Sushi March 06, 2005
The past tense of own.
1. I own't 5 cars and two estates, and then my wife left me.
by Sushi December 30, 2004
The annoying and infuriating word posts that abuse other races or religions.

The posters of these words alienate a number of persons of the insulted race or religion, and therefore triggering a mass number of opposing new posts.

This process continues perpetually, at each time consuming more people until nearly thousands of users are posting, enraged by as little as one miniscule post.

The process is exhausting, yet practically stupid. Most users involved in this war of words, are unaware that it was probably started by a fool with nothing better to do than to degrade other races or religion.
1. Americans Watch too much FOX.

2. The British Drink too much tea.

3. Australians have too much native wildlife.

(Note: I do not support any racial conflict, these are just examples)
by Sushi December 30, 2004
A synonym of 'Dinner'.
1. I got to go, I have to eat Dinwa.

2. After the game, me and my friends went for a celebratory dinwa.
by Sushi December 17, 2004

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