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When an individual trims his pubic hair in the shape of a mustache.
So I heard Andrew trimmed himself a fuckstache yesterday. Badass.
by FacelessPuppets April 16, 2011
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Of or pertaining to the styling of ridiculous, filthy and generally inappropriate facial lip hair...See, any one of America's fine motorcyle cops.
"Hey James, when are you going to shave off that ticklin' fuckstache?"
by Karch December 25, 2003
When a guy with a fierce 5:00 shadow engages in a sexual situation with a woman where he has pationately kissed her lips for such a period of time that his scruffy mustache has unknowingly given the female an extremely tender crusty abrasion or pink strawberry on her upper lip, hence the term fuckstache.
"Looks like someone came home with a fuckstache!"

"Ewww girl that fuckstache looks like a bleeder.."

"Don't kiss me! My fuckstache is super tender!"
by Fashtastic Me January 19, 2014

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