dork witch,
do you know what your talking about ya fuck-nut?
by pickel z dunk July 20, 2003
Originally coined by Vince Park. This term is primarily used as an insult towards anyone that acts hardcore on the internet, yet actually has a simple personality offline.
Terry: Dude, what a fuck nut.
Gary: Yeah, I know. Just 'cause he can hack doesn't mean anything. He's still a sheep.
by Thousand Eyes April 20, 2010
Refers to a nut that likes fucking. Commonly found in all areas of the world, the fucknut; often mistaken for other nuts, sneaks up on you and fucks you when least expected.
Product jingle: "If your looking for some action you can get some satisfaction with the bestest new attraction its the fucknut"

"I can't believe the high quality of this batch of fucknuts"

"Dam, my world just got ROCKED by that fucknut"

Common Misspellings: fuknut,nutfuck,fucnut
by ffulkerth August 01, 2008
Some one so annoying that they dont leave you alone, like those fucknuts on msn messenger.
Robert Baker
by Jamie Wright February 21, 2004
Expressing anger toward someone, generally for
some sort of retarded behaviour.
'I can't believe that fuck-nut smoked all your weed'
by Mitchell Eagleman May 20, 2008
One who is a fuck nut
Ally: Hey you fuck nut get out from underneath my booty!

David: What's a fuck nut?

Ally: It's just a fuck nut...
by Ally&David September 29, 2011
Someone who is stupid and thinks they are better than everyone else.

Someone who drives green mustangs and thinks they are hard asses.
Tommy Gilliam is a Fuck Nut.
by ChokeSermon July 09, 2009

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