A great thing to yell in crowded public areas.
Fuck nut!!
by Saria June 02, 2003
People who are fucking clueless and hella annoying.
Hey Fucknuts! Watch where you're driving that giant piece of shit!
by Wendy February 11, 2004
The least a human being has to do to exist is to be ejaculated from the tip of a man's penis into a vagina: Hence, a "fuck nut". A fuck nut is a person with the least amount of intelligence it takes to exist as a human being and nothing more. i.e., they are only as smart or intelligent as they were first squirted-out of their father's nut sack.
Customer: Can you fix my phone? It won't come on.
Tech: Did you charge the battery?
Customer: No!
Tech: Well there you go, you fuck nut!
by berry_lthird January 06, 2009
1. Idiots that do stupid shit.

1.Fuckin fuck nuts stole my shit. ASS!

2.Your girlfriend like my huge fuck nuts.
by Mr. Thomas August 09, 2007
Backstage slang: The small square-headed nut on the side of a C-clamp used to hang a light from a bar. Secures the light so it won't swing side to side. So called because they are easy to over-tighten, snapping the nut and making the clamp useless.
Stagehand: Fuck! I busted the fucking fucknut!

Lead Electrician: *sigh* get a new clamp from storage and swap it out... fast.
by We'll sleep when we're dead. December 27, 2005
One who is "hyper-stupid." Or one who is more stupid than stupid itself: hence a fucknut.
The girl called the guy, whom she liked, and told him that she hated him, thus the guy, knowing that she did indeed like him, called her a fucknut.
by Chad Collins December 27, 2003
One who is an idiot, or a dumbass, or a shit-for-brains.
Damn dude, don't be suck a fucknut.
by Dick Smack January 08, 2003

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