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an annoying, stupid asshole who thinks more of himself than anyone would ever think.
David Sch... is a fucknut!
by anonymous1anonymous2 January 16, 2009
Someone who's a complete and utter fool and has absolutely no clue as to how foolish they look.
That person is a fucknut
by gargle oil November 30, 2008
n. Oleg, the disrespectfuck who gets loose & steals peoples internet even when its REALLY crappy.
Fucknut- A Faller or
A person who made up a game find HILLARY in a sea of OBAMA names...also thinks hes "cool".
Someone who makes lots of hilarious AIM typing errors.
by Baller / Tu Madre July 10, 2008
A nut on a vehicle, or other mechanical device, in a group of nuts that's usually the last nut to remove but gets rounded off presenting you with bigger problems.
Four lugnuts on my wheel came off easy, but the fifth & last one is all rounded off & I now I'm fucked... Stupid fucknut!
by Arnie Schiffer May 11, 2008
(1) A disparaging term for a person below average intellgence; (2) a nut that has been fucked . . . very hard.
Jesus Christ, that asshole is a fucknut!

Did you see his fucknut? It was WAY bigger than the other!
by Anonymous December 03, 2002
a word used to insult someone when you cant think of anything to say... invented by me.
random guy: your a dickhead!!
other guy: yeah well your, uhmm, A FUCKNUT
by R-R-R-Robb January 14, 2009
Term of abuse coined by Chris Morris as the character Ted Maul in the 'Animals' episode of Brass Eye.
Local press caught whiff of a weird one when the vandal shot his paint straight at the cow in the form of words like "twat", and later "fucknut" and "arsecandle"...
by Montesquieu March 13, 2004