Noun; A child. Plural form: fuckets; meaning more than one child.

a) I had to baby sit a little fucket today for five hours.

b) There were tons of fuckets at the pool today.
by neville4lifebby June 10, 2009
Mix between a fagget and a fucker.
In other words: a gay fucker.
or a variation is fagger
Me: Tanner W. is a such a fucket.
Fat Boy Slim: Dude i know i hate that kid and how hes obsessed with dudes
Me: And Gabi and Becky
by MNMS GODS March 28, 2008
To dismiss something or someone without any further given thought, also known as phuket (as in the japenese island)
Oh Fucket lets go home !
by Sniper666 November 07, 2003
A shorter way of saying Fucknugget
Timothy: "YOU FUCKET!!!"
by SkyWayneTheMemeGod August 12, 2016
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