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Fuckery, a true art form using magik or chess like mind games. To scheme or plot on someone in an elaborate lie to mind fuck them. Can also be used to say someone may have been cursed, or hexed and they are suffering from mental psychosis.
damn you had me goin for a bit, i got mad paranoid bro that was some serious Fuckery you pulled.
I cant believe that acid man, jerry didn't take any and was messing with are heads, some serious Fuckery was going on.
My ex is messin with my head, one min she tells me she still loves me then posts pictures of her in bed with some dude, Fuckery at its greatest.
I knew that kid was into black magic, it seems every thing i touch turns to shit. I hate this Fuckery, hell get his.
You really banged on the door saying police open up, talk about Fuckery, i was about to jump out the window.
by Nooom February 23, 2014
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1. As in a place, a place for, art of, condition of, quality of. where some thing (noun) happens.

For Instance: Bakery- where things are baked. Fishery - a place where fish are raised or protected or harvested. Hatchery - a placed where things are hatched or brooded.
so the word Fuck is noun-ified and given place.

2. Absurdity, nonsense, or foolishness implied by the use of the word.
1, Similar to: Bakery- where things are baked. Fishery - a place where fish are raised or protected or harvested. Hatchery - a placed where things are hatched or brooded.
Example: An Insurance Rejection of Claims Department is a - A dealership Auto Repair Billing Department is a - Human Resources, Accounting, SysAdmin, Academic Oversight Committee, almost any Department of Motor Vehicles, both houses of Congress, the Bureau of Land Management, Texas, a whore house, jails and penitentiaries, middle school, high school; is/are generally considered a -

2. "I'm in the middle of this important task and the three morons tried to turn the room into a general fuckery."
"He got drunk/mad/angry and changed a quiet dinner into a fuckery for everyone."
"She is a master of fuckery."
"He is three thousand cubic feet of fuckery on two feet."
by The Same El Viejo December 18, 2013
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When you've been fucked over by someone.
Jim " arn't you going on a date tonight"
Dave " no she blew it off"
Jim " ahh thats Fuckery"
by Drunkfun August 20, 2013
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the act of being fucked over
by ItsAriLove July 25, 2012
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Is when some one does something sad
"aaahhh das fuckeries man say sorry"
by skeema March 15, 2009
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A place u can go to by delicious hoes and fuck them
let's go to the fuckery for some fun

by ddulak September 11, 2011
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Similar to a "factory" where many products are made, a "Fuckery" is a physical building where much fucking takes place.

The definition of fucking includes but is not limited to: vaginal sex, anal sex, oral sex, threesomes, foursomes, moresomes, wife swapping, orgies, gangbangs, reverse gangbangs, bukake parties, squirt parties, gay sex, bi sex, and lesbian sex.

The actual building itself could be a pornographic movie studio, a warehouse used for gangbangs, a brothel, a whorehouse, a hotel, a motel, and even someone's house!

However, in order for a building to be considered a "Fuckery", strict regulations require that the physical act of fucking must occupy at least 75% of the building - 99% of the time!
My friend Carl thinks his house is a Fuckery but he is incorrect. Not much fucking goes on at his place. Trust me; I know.

However, the Red Roof Inn motel down the street from me is a huge Fuckery! Trust me; I know.
by cityguychicago August 25, 2011
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