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Nonsense; To make no sense; Bullshit.

"That shit is true fuckery!" - Loron Thomas
by Kilo April 03, 2003
"Huckleberry" was commonly used in the 1800's in conjunction with "persimmon" as a small unit of measure. "I'm a huckleberry over your persimmon" meant "I'm just a bit better than you." As a result, "huckleberry" came to denote idiomatically two things. First, it denoted a small unit of measure, a "tad," as it were, and a person who was a huckleberry could be a small, unimportant person--usually expressed ironically in mock self-depreciation. The second and more common usage came to mean, in the words of the "Dictionary of American Slang: Second Supplemented Edition" (Crowell, 1975):

"A man; specif., the exact kind of man needed for a particular purpose. 1936: "Well, I'm your huckleberry, Mr. Haney." Tully, "Bruiser," 37. Since 1880, archaic.

The "Historical Dictionary of American Slang" which is a multivolume work, has about a third of a column of citations documenting this meaning all through the latter 19th century.

So "I'm your huckleberry" means "I'm just the man you're looking for!"
"I'm your huckleberry..." Val Kilmer as Doc Holliday in Tombstone
by kilo February 23, 2005
In the late 19th century "daisy" was a common slang term for "the best in it's class." So for "daisy" just substitute "the best" and you'll have it. It was a short-lived idiom and doesn't seem to be popular much after 1890.
"Now ain't that a daisy!"
Val Kilmer as Doc Holliday - Tombstone
by kilo February 23, 2005
1. The name of a r&b singer who releases songs that contradict each other. After releasing his famous song "Bump & Grind", which advocates sex, he released the song "I believe I can Fly", which was intended to uplift youth. This scumbag sings gospel, and then will come back with a song like "Feelin' on your booty" or "Fuckin' you Tonight". In addition to song singing skills, he is also notorious for having sex with young girls under 18. It started with Alliyah and then led to over 22 counts of Child Porn in two states. He has been known to tape his sexcapades with illegal chicks and forcing them to ride his johnson. What a prick!

2. The act of having sex with a minor.
Gaurav pulled an R. Kelly on that bitch!
by kilo May 08, 2003
A bloods term, for comedy. A blood switches every c word into a B word.
In English, you would say, " Damn Big Shawn, you're comedy! "

A true blood would say, " DAMN BIG SHAWN YOUR BOMEDY! "
by Kilo February 27, 2004
1. Name of a bully who used to bother Arnold from the sit-com, "Different Strokes".

2. Nickname for James Giugliano, a person who used to bully people in the same fashion.
"Watch out for the gooch son!"
by kilo June 04, 2003
Suspect; Someone who is marked for death; A target.
"Biggie Smalls and Junior MAFIA are some Marked Ass Bitches!" - 2Pac

"That nigga is playing us like a couple of Marked Ass Bitches!" - Larry Bacchus
by Kilo April 03, 2003

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