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somthing consisting of fuck shit; bullshit; unfortunate situation; that other man
1."This boot on my tire is pure fuckery".

2."Yo Meela stop beating around the bush wit the fuckery stick, u wit that otha man".

3 "....see thats that fuckery i warned you about"

Commonly used by Dovebaby & her mans n nem, sons & shorties
in the greater Atlanta area
by dovie January 21, 2008
A descriptive word used when something is just plain wrong.
Often used in lieu of "bullsh*t".
"They layed you off? Man, that's pure fuckery."
by Spider Lin March 12, 2008
another term for saying something or someone is fucked up.
that thing sani did, was complete fuckery

mehn that chic na complete fuckery
by da1stlady September 28, 2010
to convelute ones adgenda or fuck something up on purpose
frank put some fuckery in the equation,and cock blocked bob from getting to tina
by wriot September 30, 2008
brothel, or prostitution house.
I see too many gals enter that house, I think it's a fuckery.
by Nabeel, January 12, 2008
for the hell of it
that person should be shot just for fuckery
by sebastian42 September 07, 2010
The art of making a complete mockery of something that is sacred. To fuck it up so beyond recognition that it's no longer believable.

When something is completely out of character to the point that it's not even the same person anymore.
How can he even conceive doing that with a wanna be like that? It's total fuckery.
by Mel725 June 27, 2010