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Fuckerd - Description of ones level of " fucked "
In reference to drinking :
Wow man you sure got fuckerd off that drink

In refernece to geting beten up :
shit that guy fuckered you right up
by Sneff-Da-Kityten April 29, 2006
To have intercourse to the point of exaustion.
Hey Mike, did you get some last night? Hell yeah, I fuckerd the shit out of her. She won't need any for days!
by Michael R. Wright February 23, 2008
when your so drunk you try to say fucking hammerd and it comes out as fuckerd
oh shit man that twix got me fuckerd
by heady head fat August 26, 2003
An audio console engineer who is lax and borderline retarded in the clinical sense.
That fuckerd, he came for a service call, took 4000$ and its more busted than before.
by Inclined January 07, 2011
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