1.When you fuck so much you go into a sex coma and black out

2. When your done with something and going to bed

3. Also short for knocking someone out or kicking someone out of your house.
1.Jane Doe: Ohhhhhhh.....i'm gonna fuck out!

John Doe: Oh yeah fuck out bitch.

2.Tim: I'm gettin the fuck out and going to bed so i can fuck out

3. Get the 'Fuck Out' or you just got knocked the 'Fuck out' or 'Fuck out bitch'
by DTFAEA February 01, 2010
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Used in response to sarcasm, disbelief, and or lies.
Synonyms: Loy, Oh Okay
Person 1: I just moved to West Palm and theres mad shorties out here.

Person 2: Oh, so you got shorties there?

Person 1: Fuck Out, not yet. But I will.
by wonder1872001 August 25, 2005
To screw something up utterly
"Wow, Naomi really fucked out Biology last year, lets hope she does better second time around."


"Don't forget to bring the cider for tonight's party"
"It's alright, I've got it covered, I'm not gonna fuck out."
by Nomtron August 15, 2006
Shortened form of "get the fuck out".
"Hey, you're a bitch."

"Hey, David(my dumbass ex) fuck out."
by CoconutBanana April 19, 2010
A full body work-out through fucking
Matt - Hey Karen, you're looking really toned and svelt.....

Karen - Hey thanks, I had a great Fuck-Out last night
by sasha roulette May 05, 2010
Fuck in multiple. As in "pig out."
"Take pix and fuckout." (cell txt)

As in take pictures through out the night and "pig out" on fucking those girls.
by ntx7 August 10, 2007
when you talk on skype with this hot hot girl and it gets stuck and you have to restart you videocam.
ahhh 2 seconds, my skype going to fuckout soon.
shit its fuckingout.
by woaicaitlinharris December 26, 2007
1.To break a commitment for a social engagement.

2. To refuse an invite to a social engagement citing reasons that are lame.

Can be used as a Noun, or a Verb.
1. "Where's Jim?" "Oh, he fucked out"

2. "You in for saturday night?" "Nah, I'm gonna hang out with the wife." "What a fuck out!"

Fuck out is going to fuck out because he's a fuck out.
by DZ July 10, 2004

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