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The term 'Fuck it off' is a more forceful way of telling someone to get rid of something, or to stop doing something.

One can use a 'he' or 'she' instead of 'it' if need be.
Example A:
A waitress approaches John's table.
Waitress: Are you finished with your burger, sir?
John: Yeah, fuck it off.

Example B:
John is playing Mary a new song he composed.
John: So what did you think of my new song, Mary?
Mary: I didn't really like the breakdown. Fuck it off.

Example C.
Michelangelo is showing DaVinci his artwork, the Statue of David.
Michelangelo: Do you like my sculpture, DaVinci?
DaVinci: It's terrible, fuck it off.
by macvillian September 29, 2011
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