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A Phrase used when you are feeling like an idiot for saying something, or someone gives you shit for something.
"Karla"- Hey matt, why didnt you go to class this morning there was a test?"
"Matt"- Fuck me Right?

Adam-"Matt Why didnt you drink last night, you could of gotten laid easily?

Matt-"Fuck me right?"

Fuck me right is a rossy saying.

by Matt Feichtinger October 29, 2007
Became popular in the 2007 movie SuperBad. This Phrase is used when you are feeling disrespected or if you come up short on luck.
Example 1:

Evan - "Hey is this the line for the bathroom?"

Chick - "What the fuck does it look like.."

Evan - "Ohh yea.. Fuck Me right"

Example 2:

Student 1 - "Excuse Me Mrs. Teacher May i use the bathroom?"

Teacher - "No, you've been disrespectful today"

Student 2 - "Could I go to the Bathroom?"

Teacher - "Sure"

Student 1 - "FUCK ME RIGHT.."

by Superbad2009 April 14, 2009

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