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Something that is idiotic, stupid, pointless, and generally a wate of time.
Man, I hate my history class. It's such a frut.

I can't believe I spent two years of my life learning to play the viola. That so-called instrument is such a frut.
by John Hayashi October 19, 2007
To act fake; To put on a false personality; Also look at front
Joe- I didn't sleep with her!

Stacey- Don't frut!
by LMONEYYY February 08, 2010
The carpet version of flotsam. Bits and pieces of unidentifiable stuff that randomly turn up on your carpet three seconds after you've hoovered.
Damn there's frut all over this place


pick that frut up
by Claire G January 20, 2007

Fucking Retarted Urinal Transaction
Hey Matt i was using the urinal at the movie theater and this guy next to me was screaming folk music

Wow that sounds like one hell of a frut
by Dragon1128 July 10, 2010
When your gut is so big, and the crotch of your jeans is so tight, that it looks like a butt in the front.
I think those jeans are cutting off circulation to her frut.
by j-love July 05, 2004
To Frut someone means to stress them or to unnerve them
can also be used for something that annoys you.
My hair is so frizzy its frutting me.

god she fruts the shit outa me.

Stop frutting me
by Kat555 August 21, 2007
A combination of the words frat and slut, the word frut refers to any girl who has had sexual contact with 3 or more brothers from the same frat. Usually a frut will have some sort of physical defect such as nasty teeth, sagging boobs, a muffin top, scraggly hair (usually dyed a platinum shade of blonde with pitch black roots), or an inverted butt. You may be able to spot a frut at frat parties. Just look for the girl who has had the same cup with the same amount of alcohol in it the entire time, yet still is giggling wildly and thrusting herself sloppily all over her "boys". Fruts don't seem to understand that the frat brothers are not their real friends and most of the time the brothers even make fun of her behind her back. Occasionally, even the nicest girl can be caught acting frutty.
Hey did you see that frut at TKE last night?
Yeah, she looks exactly like the ones at PHI PSI, PIKE, and KA.
by Big Balled Buxy January 30, 2008
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