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To masturbate while frustrated. Typically, the frustration results in a tight, ninja-like grip.
I just lost three times at foos ball! I'm going to go home and frusturbate.
by enochroot January 18, 2008
9 4
When a person is frustrated because of events of the day, he/she frusturbates to relieve themselves.
My friend Devin frusturbates because he has no girlfriend.
by The Shiz December 12, 2003
29 6
Being caught in the act of masterbation, without having achieved orgasm, and being left frustrated at having to start over.
I was frusturbated after my mom busted me whacking off in the bathroom.
by Douglas PerfectHour February 24, 2005
17 13
Masturbating when you are frustrated as hell, or an angry masturbation period. Basically, a really angry masturbation. Can be used by a girl or a boy.
Last week my girlfriend and I got in a fight and I was so angry, that I frusturbated to her best friend's prom picture.
by wingringhouse September 20, 2009
2 0
Frustrating masturbation.
"None of those neckbeards will get laid, they'll go home and frusturbate over their anime collection."
by GoreGrish August 22, 2011
1 0
to engage in masturbation for the purpose of lessening the feelings of frustration surrounding some other event or situation.
Today was so stressful that I just want to get home, frusturbate and fall asleep; afterall, tomorrow is another day!
by Life-in-Hand June 15, 2010
1 0
Masturbating out of frusuration.
I haven't got laid in so long, it's time to go frusturbate!
by IROC/ SPILBY November 15, 2012
0 0