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v. To pout and frown at the same time
Kelly frouted when her mom didn't let her buy the shirt that she wanted.
by jenae cabot April 16, 2007
A shortening of the words far out.
Used by people who are too lazy to form their words properly.
Person: Did the ball go over the fence?
Person 2: Yeah, go get it.
Person: F'ROUT!
by Lufluf August 16, 2007
A word created by S.S of Gander, NL that is not a combination of frown and pout as you would think by the face made. It is actually an impression of a frowning trout.
Don't frout my trout
by Ganderfacts October 05, 2010
Exclamation. It is a shortened version of "far out".
Used when something you come across is decidedly strange.
Dude A: "Look at that guy with three ears!!!"
Dude B: "Frout thats wierd..."
by Grikstool (Will V) September 18, 2008
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