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To plough on with a conversational monologue thats stopped interesting anyone anymore.
Usually realised when, having finished your point, you are met with a silent room and you have killed the conversation
Person :....so once Id edited the fstab I got it to recognise the DVD Drive!


Person: Conversation plough?

Room: yeah.
by Agarag March 29, 2009
Antonym of Ploughting, an outing with someone of the opposite sex, but where sex isnt implied or likely, i.e. a 'friendly-outing'
Can be used as a defence when seen with some ugly lass, or to express disapointment at not getting to plough it.
Person1: Who was that ugly lass I saw you with in the Pub last night? Tapping that?
Person2: Fuck no! It was just a frouting.

Person1: Goin out with Emily later
Person2: Nice one, shes pretty hot.
Person1: *sad* No, its just a frouting.
by Agarag March 21, 2009
An outing with someone of the opposite sex where ploughing (sex) is implied (although not necessarily guaranteed)

-Antonym of Frouting
Person1: I'm off to the Pub with Miriam
Person2: Oh yeah? Reckon you're gonna get some?
Person1: Yeah, it's pretty much a ploughting.
by Agarag March 21, 2009

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