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A cross between rimming and felching; frimming is the process by which the anus is stimulated with the tongue, followed by a light flick with the finger, before proceeding to ejaculate into anal passage. The semen is then sucked out into the mouth and swallowed.
Fancy a good old fashioned frimming?
by ant & kris January 04, 2011
2 2
to tuck and press both lips inside the mouth; unlike pursing of the lips, which presses and pushes them out.

resembles a forced look of a relaxed mouth. annoys photographers who want you to look as though you are in a "dream state."
Dude: She wouldn't stop frimming. It was like I was pointing a gun to her head and asking her to relax.

Dude: Get your lips out of your mouth. STOP FRIMMING.

Gurl, why you frimmin'?!
by fuhleesh February 06, 2010
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