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Places like: Omegle, Facebook, Myspace, 4chan, The Entire Internet.........
You: hi

Stranger: a/s/l?

You: im boy, 12, and what is this?

Stranger: wanna come over? I have cookies and a hard ding ding and was wondering if your'e hungry?

You: Hi, Im Chris Hansen from Dateline NBC. We've been working closely with the FBI and have been monitoring your child pornography downloads and your trips to Thailand. There is a swat team waiting outside right nao equipped with riot gear and very, verrry pedophile crazed k-9's just waiting to tear your tiny little balls to shreds so don't bother running..........

Stranger: uh, I'm sorry?

You: Red Team, gogogogogogogo!

You(Cris Hansen): God-Damnit.... Omegle's a fucking Pedo Bearadise...............Good work tho, guise!
by ENDL355MIND January 08, 2010
A person who likes, knows about, and appreciates all things Anal. Fervently pursues interest in anal activity.
When it comes to a Frim Job he's the Analficianado.
by ENDL355MIND November 27, 2009
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