A small town outside of Missoula, MT. Small town in the sense there are more bars than there are churches. People include mostly hicks, but there is a part with tons of douchbags. The douchebags mostly include the emos, druggies, and overall dumbasses. Crazy parties happen here, which makes it's nickname Zootown. In the long run, a very nice place.
Frenchtown is so fucking awesome.
#zootown #missoula #montana #parties #hicks
by snarky56 June 21, 2009
Top Definition
A small, hicktown in western Montana, west of the larger city of Missoula. The main street contains about two bars, a gas station (Frenchy's), and a store. The schools are kind of lame, because some of Montana's most closed-minded people inhabit them. Pretty much everyone there drinks, except the Mormons. There are also quite a few drug users.
I'm going to Frenchtown to get wasted and high!
#frenchtown #montana #missoula #frenchy's #boring
by Justtoast January 03, 2006
the best town in Montana filled with drunks great parties and a kickass football team
frenchtown montana is way cooler than frenchtown new jersey
#frenchtown #montana #kickass #awesome #parties
by asdfjkgh February 13, 2010
a small town outside of Missoula, Montana. Falsely known as the drinking town due to the faulty paper, the Missoulian. People there just like to have a good time without the freaks from Missoula, such as the goths, emos, and slutty girls. Frenchtown's girls are classy ladies and the men do not take advantage of them. Overall, a good town to live in if you like to party.
Frenchtown is an awesome place to live. Except when the Missoula people come in to attend our bad ass parties
#missoula #montana #drinking #zootown #hicks
by Ilovelamp54698 April 04, 2011
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