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2 definitions by snarky56

The act of watching a person's house, whether a neighbor, friend, relative, etc. Activities include eating all their food, watching their TV, and playing with their pets. Can be very fun or just a huge drag.
Person 1: Dude, house-sitting is so lame. Let's throw a kick ass party!
Person 2: Fuck yeah!!
by snarky56 June 21, 2009
A small town outside of Missoula, MT. Small town in the sense there are more bars than there are churches. People include mostly hicks, but there is a part with tons of douchbags. The douchebags mostly include the emos, druggies, and overall dumbasses. Crazy parties happen here, which makes it's nickname Zootown. In the long run, a very nice place.
Frenchtown is so fucking awesome.
by snarky56 June 21, 2009