A new age style of passing the pot. instead of a set rotation (using words such as 'duces' and 'traces') you hit it, then set it back down. then who ever wants it next gets it. if two or more people want the smoking apparatus, a game of rock paper scissors ensues. while the game goes on, someone else can get the piece.
Dude, I got second to last this past round. lets go freestyle.
by Wulfy March 23, 2008
Freestyling is when an MC flows with lyrics right off the top of his or her head. It is inpromptu and spontaneous and only the most creative rhymers can do it well. It is also a kind of competition between MC's because you have to be good to bust a good freestyle. It helps to keep MCs on their toes too, because it is like practice.
"We gonna do a little freestyle for y'all, and it go like this" -- Schoolly D (Cuttin' and scratchin').
by CERTiFiEDSHAWTY February 12, 2005
To Masturbate without using a visual aid.
I jerked off Freestyle last night.
by J.R.T. May 24, 2005
Making up rhymes as you go along
Sittin here lookin at defs on ud
I'll holla at your girl if shes a cutie
She can cum on later if she wants to do me
But im freestylin wild without a dope beat
by Jin March 27, 2005
see KRS-One
KRS-One = greatest of all time!!!!!
by Anonymous July 17, 2003
while skateboarding The action of fliping your board from casperaround your feet while not letting your wheels touch the ground just the edge of the board.
dang he can freestyle
by Patrick M. July 09, 2003
Rhyming to a beat without having pre-existing thoughts of what you are rapping about
urban dictionary is where its at
if you disagree, then you'll die by the bat
dont hate on me cuz my rhymes are phat
or ill take you're mom for supper and bone her in her back
by Donavon March 19, 2005

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