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1. A bad ass skateboarder who tries to do cool tricks.

2. Someone who does the "awkward turtle".

3. One who can rap like a complete wigger but still schools people, because he's got fuckin skills.
1. Holy crap, that kid just pulled a Freeburg!

2. Lucreshia: "I heard you banged your cousin, Tanya!"
Tanya: "What? Awkward...!" (does the Freeburg)

3. Brent: "Yo.. ok your so fat... like after... you... ate a big mac!! OOOHHhhh!"
Brian: "That rap was lame, that rap was whack; should I tell you I came, all over your backpack?"
Crowd: "OOOH!! He just pulled a Freeburg!! Oh my god!"

by yomamma01 March 17, 2009
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