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someone who doesn't wear underwear.
I consider myself a freeballer because I hate underwear.
by hotrod2k9 July 09, 2009
a person that doesnt wear under garments (mostly underwear)
girl-what happened?
boy- amanda was freeballing today
girl-how u know?
boy-trust me , you dont wanna know
girl- ew that free baller
by KidNina March 24, 2009
Commonly known as FBCGFTA (Free Balling Creek Gang Fuck Them All), they have succeeded in making the first ever softball team/rap group, and soon be dance group. The Free Ballers are currently based in Wentzville, MO.
Ryan: Yo Jacob, you here about the Free Ballers?

Jacob: Yes, they tearing it up for days! It's all they do! #swaswagg
by CreekLife August 24, 2011