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The generous offer allowing ones genitals to be sucked and/or fucked, freely, without any repercussion or persecution. This is a usual occurrence at most any Walmart, as well as any brothel.
Free Dick! For the next half hour! I'm by the Popsicles!! FREE DICK!!!
#a freebie #penile rope for the ripping #clean up isle 4 #discount dick #a bobby #poor lovin' #bring your dick to suck day
by Beefy Curtains September 25, 2014
A term of endearment protesting the imprisonment of DePaul Student, Aussie the Australian's brother Richard. Later transformed into a phrase of offering by Mookie
"Free Dick!"
#free #dick #mookie #austin #julian #jon #depaul
by Mookie Mariotti October 11, 2008
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