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When a guy with a huge dick pulls away while his girl is on her knees blowing him and he starts swinging his big prized cock across her head, just like a prehistoric caveman would whack his woman on her head with his caveman club.
I Fred Flintstoned my bitch on her head last night...yabba dabba doo.

After I pulled a Fred Flintstone on my chick, she saw stars all night long.

Lucky my girl got no bruises on her head after I Fred Flintstoned her or I be arrested for domestic violence. shit.
by king_muscat April 16, 2010
One who leaves the office precisely at quitting time usually while his colleagues are still at their desks. In reference to the beginning of the cartoon where the work whistle blows and Fred yells YABAA DABBA DOO! and runs out of work.
Joe pulled a Fred Flintstone last night and was on the elevator at 5 pm on the dot.
by J Matts November 09, 2006
the act of rocking ones bed during sex
i fred flintstoned that bitch last night
by samey d April 18, 2010
The act of slamming ones feet through the floor of the car, and onto the pavement, to stop the car.
Dude i gotta pee, if you don't pull over i'll fred flintstone this bitch.
by b-radical the magical January 08, 2009
When you run out of fuel for the car, and have to push your car to the petrol station. Named after the most popular guy that pushes his car to drive it.
My friend Bob ran out of fuel the other day, and he had to Fred Flintstone it to the BP
by hackerpimp September 05, 2006
To date two or more girls simultaneously. This refers to the 1/19/62 Flintstones episode #44 "The Entertainer" when Fred has to manage two dates at the same club when Wilma unexpectedly shows up. Of course, he had the help of Barney to distract them as he switches between girls (this will not always be your case). Even though he was ultimately unsuccessful, the expression remains.
Man, I forgot about Caroline and invited Audrey out too... I can't cancel now, I'll have to pull a Fred Flintstone.
by FredFlintstone September 27, 2008
Common street name for PCP, according to Wayne Brady, as seen in the Chapelle Show.
I didn't know you like to get, you just smoked angel dust...pcp, sherm, love boat, scabble dabble, lickety split, sherman hemsley, big ragu, hulk hogan, leon isaac kennedy, fred flintstone, jimmy superfly snuka, serrion glover...
by Wayne_Brady November 09, 2005
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