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a. Variation on the word 'fuck', possibly derived from some sci-fi tv series(?) Used when not wishing to cause offence, this word therefore loses most of the power of the original and makes the user look a pillock.

b. slang name for the small village of Freckleton in Lancashire, England.
"Freck Off!"
by Darren Jones June 12, 2003
34 32
a short-limbed, homeless male who likes to steal cars.
Enterprise've just been freck'd!
by freckfreckfreck October 09, 2012
2 1
Used as response for a disappointment, Surprise, so shocking event
R- I got arrested by the cops because I was driving too fast!!
M- Oh Freck! Can't believe it!!
by Ramja 4 February 25, 2014
0 0
to beat someone or something with a toy stuffed monkey.
My brother frecked me in the head.
by Mary Only July 28, 2009
9 9
upset, mad, angry.Also used with the suffix -ed
I told her the news and she started to get all frecked up.
by elizabethk August 21, 2011
2 3
Short for a 'fucking train wreck.' A disaster; a horrible mess; particularly something fowl and very unpleasant to sensory perception.
"Dude, clean your fridge out! Its disgusting. I can smell it from the street! Its a fricking freck."

"She is such a hottie, a total bette! Why is she going out with that loser? He's such a freck!"
by Billy Beck O'Hannity April 01, 2010
6 7
A young woman with many freckles. She usually had a very butch ass and is nice.
Hey Freck! How are you doing?
by Fagggglle August 02, 2009
8 10