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Used as response for a disappointment, Surprise, so shocking event
R- I got arrested by the cops because I was driving too fast!!
M- Oh Freck! Can't believe it!!
by Ramja 4 February 25, 2014
a short-limbed, homeless male who likes to steal cars.
Enterprise've just been freck'd!
by freckfreckfreck October 09, 2012
to beat someone or something with a toy stuffed monkey.
My brother frecked me in the head.
by Mary Only July 28, 2009
a. Variation on the word 'fuck', possibly derived from some sci-fi tv series(?) Used when not wishing to cause offence, this word therefore loses most of the power of the original and makes the user look a pillock.

b. slang name for the small village of Freckleton in Lancashire, England.
"Freck Off!"
by Darren Jones June 12, 2003
to vomit profusely, perhaps on oneself, in the direction of others, or crouched in a corner...
wow, i think andys such a bitch. hes frecked all over his pants... and likes it
by Poter987noogz1 October 29, 2008
upset, mad, angry.Also used with the suffix -ed
I told her the news and she started to get all frecked up.
by elizabethk August 21, 2011
A young woman with many freckles. She usually had a very butch ass and is nice.
Hey Freck! How are you doing?
by Fagggglle August 02, 2009
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