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A unisexual name. Could be shortened for Francesca, or elongated from Frank.
Female- Sexy bitch, mysterious, loveable, passionate.
Male- Frank. The name describes it all. . .any male named Frank needs a name-change.
"Dayyum, that Franki girl is fuckingg FINE."
"Uhhh. . .dude, that's a guy."
"No it's NOT, she has long hair."
"Dude. . .that's his mullet."
"AHHH! That's sickk!"
by Tiffffffffffffffffffffffffffff August 09, 2008
The most powerful, likeable, beautiful, amazing supernatural person who roams the earth and will forever live. This kind of person is also likely to be a good singer/performer and is likely very short!
Girls who go to school with the full rep of Francesca or Franki who pass off as regular students, but are secretly the best people you will ever meet.
by iknarfknarfshorty January 07, 2011
The most kind, loving, adorable, gentle, sincere, warm hearted person to walk this earth. Franki makes your heart race and your tummy hot. Its impossible to be unhappy with Franki. Theres never enough words to describe Franki. Also, the most amazing voice to leave a human being belongs to Franki. Franki, Franki, Franki, fun to say right?
Theres only one in the world. And that Franki is mine.
Im the luckiest person in the world to find Franki
by 4lucky2girl0 November 27, 2010
Sexy Beast,Gawjuss,phitter than anyone,Sex Goddess, Mushrooms, Loves Her Mates And Is Just The Best Person Ever
by Franki :] February 03, 2009
Of the 'James' variety, has strange sense of humour and witt, can be very cunning so watch him. the founder of the game 'poke the frankis' and overall a lovely guy. although... he does tend to laugh at other people!! i love ya frankis!!
'oi frankis come here so i can poke u with a stick!'
'frankis what have u done now!?!'
by unknown February 05, 2004
A female who shares certain chracteristics (both physcial and mental) to a monkey
Observer 1: "Look at that crazy girl dancing around with a banana in her mouth!"

Observer 2: "She's such a Franki!"
by Scott Mumba Jones September 25, 2008
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