Title of Mary Shelley's famous novel - she who was daughter of revolutionary.
Frank - Truth
Stein - Beer
Title: Truth & Beer (Frankenstein)
Let's go down to the pub and talk
insert as appropriate

by millerthegorilla January 24, 2009
A synonym for a joint pieced together out of old remnants of previous smokes found in your ashtray, the floor or anywhere else you can as they are usually smoked in more desperate times.

It doesn't always make for a pleasant taste.

It is a monster pieced together from older dead human body parts and brought back to life...
Couldn't reach my phone to call a dealer so i had to make a frankenstein instead.

by oja123 February 24, 2009
1.) Slang for Money. In particular 100 dollar bills. Benjamin FRANKlin is on the 100 dollar bill.
I'm bout my Frankensteins,
You know me, Ya from my Lincolns to my Franklins.
-Lil Wayne in the song "I'm a Beast"
by Zac Webb April 26, 2008
To construct or repair an object using a number of dubious methods. In the case of a computer, this usually involves concocting a machine made out of parts from a massive number of different manufacturers, ultimately creating a nightmarish amalgamation of electronic parts. The name comes from Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, and the titular monster of said book.
Dude, you totally frankensteined that old PC!
by BalloonBoyTheBalloonFucker May 28, 2015
The name of eddie van halens first guitar he made it first had black and white stripes but then he painted red white and black stripes the body is by charvel and over the years he did different color schemes on it different bodies and more he now uses a signature peavey wolfgang he named after his son but the frankenstein still remains one of his most legendary guitars
i bought that signature frankenstein replica for 25,000!!!
by Anthony pangilinan February 16, 2008
When your mega-high and it feels like two bolts are pressing down on both your temples.
*Guy 1 Takes huge bong rip*
Guy 1: Holy shit dude. I'm fucking ripped.
Guy 2: I know, that bong rip gave me frankensteins.
by TheCrazyScientist December 29, 2011
When you get/give a hickey on both sides of the neck.
Dude, I totally gave Sarah a frankenstein.
by Kevie-Poo March 30, 2010
When someone goes down on you and gives you a head massage simultaneously.
She was moaning like a monster when she Frankensteined me.
by ts93x February 21, 2010

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