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Incredibly artistically talented; hilarious and witty; beautiful and classy. Love is Lashes.
Wow! That must be the work of a Francie!! It's amazing!
by no-pantalones March 28, 2010
Generic name for a female rights activist. Frequently uses terms such as "herstory", "womanager", and "womeningitis".
Female X: I hope to be promoted to womanager soon...

Female Y: Zomgawsh, you're such a Francie!
by Sbrinkles August 31, 2010
A very large breasted transvestite. Usually walks the streets looking for a cheap john and a line of cocaine.
"After Austin's sex-change, she decided pull a Francie."

"Wow! That's a Francie if I've ever seen one!"
by Sanchez90210 June 19, 2008
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