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A manager of a store or company who also happens to be female.
My boss, Melissa, is the manager; I guess that makes her the womanager! Is your boss a womanager, too, or just a manager?
by Joel Bauza May 26, 2007
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n. The pimp. A professional man who manages women.
Person A: Is that the manager?
Person B: No fool. That's the womanager.
Womanager: Pimpin' ain't easy
by doped12 October 21, 2013
A hybrid of the word woman and manager used to describe a person possessing both attributes.
Ja'ax: How are you today, Brenda?

Brenda: I want to be fucking fired.

Ja'ax: Typical womanager...unprofessional.
by Ja'ax July 21, 2008
A woman manager

Basicly an insult to any woman manager
Bill: "Mary sucks at managing!"

Tom: "That's because she's a womanager!

Bill: "Let's kick her ass!"

Tom: "Agreed."
by Factory June 17, 2007
A woman of manager status who handles her shit more than a man can
You are one badass womanager
by Cyndelerella May 16, 2015

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