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Short for Fransis, A very Smart, inteligent person who is very attractive and very fun to be around
Person 1: Did you meet fran last night?
Person 2: Yeh she is so smart and funny and inteligent
Person 1: i know i wish i could have met up with her
by HBN1 September 30, 2009
69 33
A Damn Sexy Bitch! Fran Is The Mother Fucking Beast! Shes Scene But We All Fucking Love Her Anyway. Shes So Awesome, Everyone Is Jealous of Her. She Loves Her Family Espically Her Cousin. She Has The Best Friends
Damn Fran! You Are One Sexy Beast!
by Scarlet Fox August 25, 2010
44 15
a friend of yours that isn't really your friend
In Rebecca Black's video, "Friday", when she's waiting for her bus, she says- "Gotta catch my bus, I see my frans", she means she see's her friends, but her "friends" seem like they dont really wanna be there or hang out with her
by Naraka March 25, 2011
37 20
Fran is the most amazing person someone could have! She has beautiful eyes and her smile is to die for! Shes a completely crazy bitch but I wouldn't have her any other way! If you have a Fran like I do keep her for ever and don't let her slip from your arms because there are no others like her!
I love you Fran!
Leah: Heey Fran
Fran: I like turtles!
Leah: Oh Fran!

Clive: I love you Fran!
Fran: I love you too!
by WILL______LIAM August 28, 2011
24 10
Pronoun: Fran -- name given to those who share both an artistic and vibrant personality, coupled with a deep-seeded Italian fire. Fran(s) tend to be very passionate about the things they do, quickly and readily putting full heart and soul into every action. The typical Fran upholds standards of beauty expressive not just externally, but also intrinsic in nature. The best thing about any Fran is they are keen on checks-and-balances. Always looking to entertain impish personalities, while providing a swift kick in the ass when needed.
"So, charles went out just looking for sex again"
Fran: "Oh, that boy's gonna hear from me"
---Meets Charles---
Fran:""So what the hell are you thinking?! I mean this with love, stop being a jackass because you know it's wrong."
by cmodel February 09, 2010
37 23
The carroty, greasy, moldy residue that you find in a seat recently vacated by a grosely obese woman
When she stood up I almost puked when I noticed the f r a n in the seat
by Albert11 February 21, 2008
25 15
Fran is a Spanish and Italian name, usually shortening Francesco/Francesca. It can also be used to shorten the English name Francis or Frances.
Fran is just Francesca's nickname.
by AllyLuvs November 20, 2010
14 6