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A variation of Fuck, sometimes mis-spelled while interpreting text-speak abbreviation "WTF?"

In this spelling, the intent is more common amongst the protest/counterculture movements, sometimes referring to the Battlestar Gallactica "Fuck" substitute swear "Frak".

Regarding the specific spelling "Frac", it generally refers to:

1. Hydraulic fracturing (also called "fracking"), a method for artificially creating fractures in order to extracting oil, natural gas, and other liquids or gasses.
2. FRAC Act, proposed United States legislation (2009) related to hydraulic fracturing
3. Frac trailer, a type of tank semi-trailer typically used daving hydraulic fracturing
Hey Dave, so how about that Halliburton Bill that just got passed though congress?

I know, What The Frac?
by Noël Black June 02, 2013
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yo dawg, let me smack your frac.
by josh "dad" demuth August 22, 2007
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