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Combo of fractured and fucked. When you're still heart broken over an ex and go fuck someone else.
Jenny just broke up with Bill and she fracked Joe.
by Azorn March 18, 2014
When a girl is wrecked during sex like the land that has been fracked during natural gas exploration and extraction.
That girl was fracked by our boss... FOREVER UNCLEAN!
by Browneyedgirlcmw March 18, 2016
1) To mess up or destroy an electronic device while doing hardware or cosmetic modifications.
2) Not a successful hack or crack.
3) To suck at soldering.

Last night while trying to make a new joystick for the xbox 360 I fracked my controller port.

He tried to install linux on his DVD player and fracked it.

I fracked your computer.
by indecipherable December 20, 2006
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