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The Act of A group of people Scattering when, some form of an offcial is coming. Be it a Cop, and School Adminstrator or a Store Representative. Disperses usually happen after you have lingered somewhere for more then 10 minutes
damn, the teachers coming, Disperse!!!
by ~TKO~ March 23, 2007
to leave somewhere; to get out of a place
James: Lets disperse out this piece.
Justin: Yea, they actin foogaysee.
by Justin Noel November 08, 2007
To scatter from the scene of the crime or to go seperate ways.
It is also a game, where one throws something at a group of people yelling "DISPERSE" before they throw it. If they get hit or hurt in any way, they can not do anything to you because you had told them to DISPERSE!!!!
Oh Shit, there he is! DISPERSE!!!!
by AL-BAiDA September 25, 2008

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