the news channel for rightwing gun toting xenophobic sexist anti love homophobic bible thumping cigar sucking beer swilling blue eyed honkey mother fuckers!

75%of the honkey motherfuckers in nor cal watch fox and dream about getting finger banged in the asshole by sean hannity and getting sucked off by ann coulter
fox news is great to watch when larry the cable guy is fisting your ass-hole!
Something for pseudo-intellectual losers with no life to rage against in between consuming bong hits, reading David Sedaris books, and boycotting WalMart.
"Hey dude, wanna go outside?"
"And miss the latest Media Matters update about Fox News? This is life and death stuff! This time I bet O'Reilly's really gone too far!"
by desertsun13 April 03, 2010
Fox News attracts millions more viewers than CNN and MSNBC COMBINED!, continuing to grow as its competitors decline in viewership. Liberals, who have had a virtual monopoly over ALL the media for many years, are enraged that an essentially ‘fair and balanced’ network has emerged, and they hysterically attack Fox with lies and hate. (See prior Fox News entries here for examples.)

Fox News is comprised of two types of programs, News and Opinion, and clearly distinguishes between them, while its competitors, regularly mix the two, CNN subtly and MSNBC unabashedly.

During the G. W. Bush administration, Fox’s opinion programs regularly opposed many Bush policies. Its news was, properly, unbiased. In the new Obama administration, both Fox’s News and Opinion programs have served viewers well in exposing Acorn and several radical left Obama appointees. Opinion expressers Beck, Strosser and Hannity regularly oppose takeovers, cap-and-trade, ‘stimulus’, and ‘health reform’ as tax-and-spend policies bound to destroy free enterprise and bury the country in massive debt.

The radical left rightly fear talk radio, Fox News, Sarah Palin, and Mike Huckabee because they represent vox populi. Expect the campaign of vilification and hate against them to intensify as unemployment and debt burgeon.

Besides, Fox has a stable of impressively beautiful and brainy female anchors—Megyn Kelley, Kimberley Guilfoyle, etc. etc.!!!!
Al: I watch Fox News to get unbiased news.
Joe: Suuure you do. What’s that bulge in your pants?
by Drooler December 01, 2009

also known as Geraldo in a bucket
fox news is what results when you make Geraldo in a bucket
by i give you a poop moustache March 17, 2008
A news channel that is bias but it has to be because CNN CBS and MSNBC are all liberal biased maybe not to the same extent but all put together makes one hell of a bigger bias, also little white bitches(liberals) think that people who watch fox are "Frustrated Old Xenophobes" well I have a Dominican imagrant father and a 1st generation mexican mother and I listen to rap and am very proud of being latin and we all watch FOX NEWS and the lil german/irish/norweegen/what ever the hell you can go fuck your selves for thinking all conservatives are white and old and rich
Black guy(ignorant): Obama rocks
White liberal(comunist): Yeah now thanks to him you will stay in the bottom of society because my ansestors captured yours and forced you to work your asses Way To Hard, now work seems awful but if it were not for liberals you would have to work and become a hard worker who is respectable and can not be stereo-typed, but we liberals think that giving money away is so you can feel more cofortable being non productive and killing your babys is fine. But thanks to Fox News we do not control the media.
Black guy(not ingnorant after hearing this and watching Fox news) Fuck obama just because hes black does not make him a messiah.
by VhLevant January 13, 2010
FOX News gives all Conservatives a bad name. This is why people think all conservatives are retarted rednecks(although I'll admit some are.) I am not conservative at all, but I hate liberals so much that it sucks to see the right wing represented in such a retarted news station.
Many conservitives are smarter than liberals, but FOX News makes all liberals look absolutely brilliant.
by stevedawg13 May 18, 2006
Cable news channel owned by international media mogul, Rupert Murdoch. The channel is mostly superficial political, social, and economic discussion and debate during the evening along with a crime/legal discussion show to wrap up prime time. The morning and afternoon news shows are mostly breaking stories and light news and entertainment reporting similar to the *Today Show* on NBC.

Leftist liberals hate the channel because it dares to give equal time to conservative points of view. After enjoying a near monopoly on major news outlets for decades (see liberal news media), many liberals are incensed that a different point of view is available on television. In point of fact, there is very little reporting on Fox. When they do report, it is usually from the same moderate leftist angle the other news outlets assume. On occasion, there is a report on some outrage committed by the Federal government or some leftist who has gained power at another level of government.

What is usually the target of these leftist critics are fair discussions between equally represented points of view involving clearly labeled commentary.

Fox does tend to favor moderate left liberals and neo-conservatives in their discussions. Commentators from the far left or from a paleo-conservative or a libertarian viewpoint are rarely included in discussions. Murdoch openly funds the neo-conservative magazine, *The Weekly Standard,* and Fox frequently features the magazine's editors and reporters in their discussions.

The volume and tone of the anchors tend to be melodramatic and loud, which does present a dumb quality to the viewer.
I have Fox News's loud and dumb but at least it's not Leftist propaganda.
by Tex in Tex January 26, 2008
The only reliable, honest, and spin-free news station on TV. It is completely free of left-wing lunatics, whose wild antics and bogus propaganda litter almost every other outlet of media. It is also the most watched cable news channel and home to the #1 watched cable show- "The O'Reilly Factor". True Statement. Look it up, write it down, eat it up.
John: MSNBC sucks. It's losing all credibility and its ratings continue to plummet month after month.
Bill: Dude, check out FOX news. They only report the facts. As a result, the station has beat out MSNBC every month for the past 3 years.
by The Truf 5436 June 24, 2009

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