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1. Fousting
pronounced fouwsting
A slang term to denote an extremely small amount of crack cocaine or methampetamine, typically .01 gm or less.

The minimum amount of a Fousting is enough of the drug to be field tested by police and some to be turned in for prosecution.
See also Fousted.
The cops pulled me over and found a fousting of crack in the car seat.
by okiecop December 14, 2009
Also: Usually .01 grams of crack or less. A German unit of measure equal to enough to field test and enough to turn in as evidence.
Officer D: "Hey can you field test some drugs for me?"
Officer G: "Sure! What did you get?"
Officer D: "Here check it out."

Officer G: "HOLY CRAP! Where is it?"
Officer D: "I know, I know, this guy just tried to eat a big rock, so all I could get on him was this fousting of crack."
Officer G: "Sounds like your suspect just got fousted!"
by Satin Latin June 17, 2010
British slang term for disgusting. Absolutely revolting - although this is often exaggerated to show huge dislike for something.
That dude's shoes are so fousting!

Ugh, I never eat brocolli. It's fousting.
by Gravitee April 13, 2010

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