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The appropriate word to use when saying fuck. You can say it infront of adults without getting in trouble.
George "Foust You(Fuck You)"
Teacher "Thanks for using a nice word."
by Crazy Hot Daddy January 19, 2008
1. To One Up Someone or Something
2. Ridiculous or Obvious Exaggeration
3. To Live In a False Reality
Dude, I got laid by a hot latina this weekend" "Oh, yah. Well I got laid by two virgin oriental twins." "Your Fousting me right?
by Thomas S. Gosh March 28, 2011
verb: to be double teamed in a closet

synonyms: eiffel towered, white trash, classy
do you know that girl?
-what girl?
that girl we just fousted in the closet!
-dude, that's fucked up
yea man, frosh put outt
by foustmehard February 19, 2010
to half-ass something, as in not giving full effort. also, to make a wild, inexplicable excuse for not completing a task.
Jake fousted his English essay for Mrs. Hatchett, turning a piece of crap that a third-grader could have written.
by mdfoust March 08, 2009
The best last name for a girl to have. To be of the UPMOST awesomeness. <3 <3 <3
Guy 1: Hey dood, you see that girl?
Guy 2: Yeah man, I see her. Why?
Guy 1: What's her name?
Guy 2: Carmen Foust. =____=
Guy 1: Dood. SHE'S HAWT. That's a badass last name.
by WHO.YO.DADDAY. January 26, 2011
A large white beared lizard , capable of fierce outburst , but will always be puss at heart.
You see him walking around the hallways with a large back , and even during mass he has on England shirts and the new Nike Shocks
by Mad Hatta October 11, 2004