Means anything and everything. It originally was a combination of "find" and "watch", but the meaning of the word has broadened.
Can also be spelled like "fatch".
"Where are you? I can't fotch you."
"What the fotch?"
"Fotch you!"
"How about them fotches?"
"This cafeteria food tastes like fotch."
"Falcon FOTCH!"
by Frontierplz September 05, 2009
drinking game
ace makes the rule
2 to you
3 to me
4 on the floor
5 up high
6 person up
7 person down
8 rhyme
9 topic
10 never have i ever
j question
q jinga
k waterfall
joker nothing
in a fotch game
never have i ever. he asked if anyone smoked crack. everyone
besides him raised their hand. x funkin d man XD
by gomora November 08, 2007
Fotch is something nasty that you dont know what the eff it is. its not gum, its not lint, its not a loogy, its just fotch and you don't wanna go near it.
Dude you just stepped on that gnarly ball of fotch, get the hell out.

That ain't gum, thats a serious case of fotch.
by Aly SoCali November 14, 2007
vagina or a "giner." usually with some hair.
that striper has a messed up fotch.
by nate February 19, 2003
A bicoastal drinking game in which all cards in a deck are spread in a circle. Each player, in turn, flips a card. Each value (regardless of suit) carries a penalty, activity or of a penalty. To wit: ACE = Social drink, 2 = Take 2 drinks, 3 = Give 3 drinks, 4 = "Four on the Floor" - All players must place 4 fingers of 1 hand on the floor or table. The last player to do so must drink. 5 = High Five!" - Each player must raise one hand, as in 4. Again, the last to do so drinks. 6 = "To the RIGHT" The player to the RIGHT of the player flipping the card must drink. 7 = "To the LEFT" - Same as 6, but to the flipper's LEFT. 8 = "Eight Ball" - as in 4 and 5, but in this case, each player must cover a nostril, as if preparing to do a line of cocaine (or some such). Again, the slacker drinks. 9 = "Bust a rhyme!" - The flipping player starts a rhyme. Eack player has to contine this "rap" as it were, and rhyme the last word, without pause. The first to break the circuit drinks. 10 = "Categories". The flipper chooses a category at random (i.e. Brands of Cigarettes! or Types of Ink!, etc.), and each player must name an item in that category. Again, the first to fuck up drinks. J = MAKE A RULE. Any rule. Anything. Dirty, relevant, irrelevant, mean, whatever. Nothing fatal or dangerous, I guess. So ALMOST anything. Rules expire either at the end of the game, or if another player's rule cancels or contradicts. A rule like "Everyone licks my penis when a even-numbered card comes up" may seem like a good idea, but be advised: not everyone wants to see your cock, even if they are drunk, much less taste it. Q = Female Social, K = Male Social. Et Cetera. Before any player drinks, they must sya "FOTCH!" Not doing so requires yet another drink.
"Hey Julie, wanna play Fotch?"
"OK, but dont make that kissing rule again. Jason gave me the herpes last time."
by Mag Wheel July 02, 2006
A Fotch is someone who farts in the bathtub and bites the bubbles...They came up with this in the late 50's early 60's.
I bet that douch is a fotch.
by Bob January 21, 2005
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