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An idiotic person... i.e. oaf, lummox
Fochess, Fotchess, replacement for Fuck
Die you stupid fotch
by Fotch December 04, 2003
a great friend relating to the peinus
my friend is a fotch
by richard June 10, 2003
A lemon in a chicken's ass
The fotch fell out and ran away
by Kara and Tiffany January 26, 2004
vagina, cunt, clit
My Fotch itches
by -Unamed April 17, 2003
cum, jizz, harry monk, hot white coconuts shaken from the veiny love tree.
I fotched up her back and wrote my name in it.
by Pope Juicy July 04, 2005
Pubic Region With Krabs (the std)
Brian Rasiak
by Jackie April 02, 2004