A city in northern Indiana that has a population of around 250,000 and is surrounded by other smaller communities. Home to plenty of high class restaurants and shopping centers. Also a very diverse community with people from all races and religions from all over the world.
Dude, Fort Wayne is great, I am so totally making another trip to Jefferson Pointe tomorrow.
by Ld7 June 12, 2005
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A Midwestern second-tier city of approximately 250,000 citizens, located in Allen County, in Northeastern Indiana. Fort Wayne is located in the approximate geographic center of Chicago, Detroit, Cleveland, Columbus, Indianapolis, and Cincinnati. This proximity makes Fort Wayne within a 4 hour drive to over 23 million people.

Fort Wayne has a large number of cultural and religious headquarters. It also has an increasingly diverse population of first, second, and third generation immigrants, notably containing the largest Burmese population outside of Burma, and significant Mexican, Macedonian, Bulgarian, Salvadorian, and Vietnamese populations. 6% of Fort Wayne's population was born outside of the US.

While it has had a period of economic trouble during the first decade of the Millennium, Fort Wayne has a rich economic history, in which it has surpassed national per capita income rates on multiple occasions.

Currently, Fort Wayne is going through the difficult and exciting period of recreating itself into a globally competitive city. While many organizations and individuals are attempting to reinvigorate the community, the general populace is still suffering from a "them vs. us" mentality of comparison with other cities instead of taking individual responsibility for creating and supporting the truly unique aspects Fort Wayne.
Maybe we should actually get involved instead of criticizing everything that happens in Fort Wayne?
by DHSwartz February 01, 2011
A town in northeast Indiana with a population of nearly 250,000 people. Many different cultures inhabit this city, which is the second largest in Indiana. Known for its location on the 3 rivers, it has continued to grow into a thriving city attracting people from all areas. Most people visit mainly to shop at Jefferson Pointe or business.
Me: Wanna go to Fort Wayne tomorrow?
You: Yeah a new movie just came out and I know it will be playing at Jefferson Pointe.
by Chi-town Junky June 16, 2005
The 2nd largest city in Indiana. We have a mediocre downtown area, but our shopping centers are kick-ass. Contrary to some opinions, we are not a bunch of redneck assholes. Most of us are very kind people.

Also, we have other colleges besides IPFW.
Fort Wayne. It's pretty awsome.
by c1nd3rcell February 16, 2011
The 2nd biggest city in Indiana. Now has a population of around 250,000 with the addition of all the rich people who lived outside of the city. Has a sucky downtown area, but it has many great shopping centers all over the place.
Dude, some genious made the first tv in Fort Wayne.
by Chitownpwnsyou January 07, 2006
1. A miniature version of Indianapolis.
2. Indiana's 2nd largest city with about 225,000 people in the city limits.
There isnt much about Fort Wayne to even mention.
by krock1dk November 03, 2007
1. Non-existent, fictional city said to exist somewhere in the state of Indiana.
1. "Hey man, you've heard of Fort Wayne, right?"

by King of the Wild Frontier February 04, 2010
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