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For the gays
Dude, that guy looked so forgy in that speedo
by Not forgy November 21, 2009
To have five or more people forging halo world in Halo Reach. One can count on having someone betray you with an object and an all out war beginning.
Me and Dannick were having a forgy with some friends.

There were twenty people in my forgy session.
by Docter Tito September 15, 2010
An orgy with four people. It is a combination of the words "four" and "orgy."
Rob: "Did you have the sex last night with your girlfriend?"
Westley: "Dude, my girlfriend and I hooked up with another couple. We totally had a forgy!"
by CrazyJay November 20, 2010
An orgy with four people.
Last night, I had a forgy with Matt, Nick, and Joe.
by sammE December 30, 2003
A skinny white man that plays flute and does crossword puzzles. May also love maple cotton candy.
Look over there! Forgy is doing another crossword puzzle.
by 3===D--___ September 26, 2006
An orgy with your foot.

I turned off the shower with my foot and screamed forgy! As to why i'm not really sure... but CLEARLY a forgy MUST be an orgy... with your feet. It's like a deranged form of footsy.
There was a really large forgy after school at *Insert name of really popular person here*'s house
by tragically December 20, 2006
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