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my fucking idol
i love towelie

i wanna grow up to be just like towelie
by sammE January 05, 2004
"I completely disagree with you and everything you stand for. However, I will lose any rational argument with you on the topic so I am taking the high-ground and avoiding the discussion while sounding superior."
If you express a rational statement supporting gay rights a religious person might (intelligently) just say "I'll pray for you.".
by Samme December 31, 2012
a game in which elementary school kids run across a kickball field, as balls (kickballs are being pelted at them.
Let's play sploogeball!
by sammE January 05, 2004
An orgy with four people.
Last night, I had a forgy with Matt, Nick, and Joe.
by sammE December 30, 2003

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